Our Impact Areas

B Lab™ executed a vigorous assessment of our business practises, including supply chain, environmental impact, treatment of employees and community obligations. As a B Corp certified company, M.J. Bale initiates positive change in all these areas.


We consider our mission, social and environmental impact, ethics, transparency, and stakeholder consideration in all decision making.


We positively contribute to our employee’s financial security, health and safety, wellness, career development, and engagement.


We positively make an impact on the community, including on issues such as diversity, economic impact, civic engagement, and supply chain management.


In terms of our environmental impact, including direct operations and supply chain, we prioritise innovative production processes and products or services that have a positive influence.


We prioritise customer stewardship through strong data privacy protection, customer feedback tracking, product guarantees, and ethical marketing practices.

“M.J. Bale’s B Corp certification is not an end in itself; we consider it more a baseline for us to continue to improve in all aspects related to our corporate governance and relationships with staff, community, environment and customers.” MATT JENSEN, FOUNDER & CEO