How To Pick Your First Formal Suit

It’s not just another dance. So, when preparing for that impending school formal, you want to look the best you can be. If you’re a prospective formal attendee reading this, or perhaps the parent of a young man about to attend his first formal, throw away the notion of renting a drabby suit for the occasion and let us acquaint you with our newest collection of dedicated formal-wear suiting. Picking your first formal suit can be a tricky task to navigate. That’s why M.J. Bale is on hand to steer you in the right direction for school formal success.

Suit Type

When it comes to dress codes, formals are usually, well, formal. So, picking your suit to match the dress code is never a bad idea. As it’s most likely your first suit purchase, it’s not necessary to go all out on purchasing a tuxedo. Sure, you can, and you’ll look great doing so, but a black or dark navy suit with peak or notch lapels will also suffice for your first formal jaunt.

Go for darker colours which offer a touch of formality compared to those lighter in nature and of different colours. Opting for either a dark navy or black suit will also undoubtedly serve its purpose in the years to come.


Well this point might seem trivial to some, when it comes to suit fabrics, it really can make or break your level of comfort (as well as considerably alter the appearance of your attire).

For example, the most common fabric when it comes to suiting is merino wool. Durable, breathable, and comfortable, merino composition will be appropriate for year-round wear. It also can add a touch of formality to your suit of choice. Whereas, linen, for example, is reserved for the spring/summer season. It’s lightweight and breathable, but won\\t hold up during the cooler months.

Furthermore, as it is a fabric that crumples, it can look a little more laxed as opposed to a fabric that is a bit more rigid.


As aforementioned, going for a neutral, monochromatic colour for your first suit/formal purchase is highly advised. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on your first suit that you’ll only get wear from on certain occasion (or perhaps at all). Navy is your best choice, and midnight navy is great for a special occasion (like a formal). You can also get away with wearing a black suit, too. If the theme of the night is black tie and you, perhaps, don’t want a tuxedo to be your first suit purchase, opt for black and style with a tuxedo shirt, cuff links, studs and patented shoes.