November 2021

M.J. Bale Is Climate Active Certified

We are Climate Active certified as a 100% carbon neutral brand, offsetting the entire footprint of our products and organisation in green projects. “This is just the start of the journey,” says M.J. Bale Founder & CEO, Matt Jensen. “The real work begins now.”

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The Journey To Carbon Neutral

This is the process we took to becoming 100% carbon neutral and Climate Active certified for products and organisation. However, as our Founder & CEO, Matt Jensen, says: "This [carbon neutrality] is just the start. The real work begins now."

November 2021

Future Play: What we are working on in 2022 to reduce M.J. Bale’s total emissions from cradle-to-sale

Zero-Emission Wool: Our second zero-emission farm trial begins December 2021, expanding to up to 500 sheep with official methane assessment Natural Fibres: Increase volume of products made of natural fibres (wool/cotton/silk/linen) from current 97% through use of pioneering new fibre development Waste Not, Want Not: Upcycling of M.J. Bale fabrics and off-cuts to move towards zero waste Sustainable Fabrics: Prioritising working with environmentally sustainable weavers with B-Corp and ISO 14001 accreditation and other relevant industry bodies Renewable Energy: Switching to 100% of stores powered by renewable energy by Dec 2022 (currently 50%) Logistics Optimisation: Switching transport of garments from air freight and trucks to ocean freight and rail M.J. Bale Foundation: Creating a new regenerative division of M.J. Bale to return profits to the environment and local communities