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Our Story - "What we love to do here at M.J. Bale is to create products with integrity. Integrity is a key value for us here at M.J. Bale, as well as tenets of provenance, authenticity and character” – M.J. Bale Founder & CEO, Matt Jensen

M.J. Bale is an Australian-owned menswear brand founded in 2009 by Matt Jensen (the ‘M.J.’ in ‘M.J. Bale’). We are officially ‘Net Zero Now’, becoming in 2021 Climate Active-accredited as Australia’s first fully carbon neutral fashion brand (covering both products and organisation). 2021 was also the year we created the world’s first zero-emission wool at our Kingston farm in Tasmania, feeding Merino sheep an asparagopsis seaweed supplement daily for 300 consecutive days to reduce their methane emissions by approximately 90%. Today, our zero-emission wool program continues at pace, with 500 Merinos currently fed asparagopsis seaweed daily at Kingston. In 2022 we inaugurated ‘The Lightest Footprint’, our ongoing project to create arguably the world’s first carbon-neutral garments here in Australia, and with the lightest possible carbon footprint.

M.J. Bale’s ‘garments of integrity’ – ranging from formal and business tailoring & accessories to lightweight casuals and Merino wool athleisurewear – are the result of a co-creator chain dedicated to sustainability, ethics and artisanal quality. From the carbon positive Kingston farm in Tasmania, the sole producer of wool for our ‘single-source’ suits, tuxedos and blazers, to our Italian weaving and Japanese tailoring partners, we seek to do right by our customers so they can do right by the world.

We currently have a 70-store network nationwide and are the Official Tailor to the Australian Test Cricket team, the Wallabies, New South Wales & Queensland State of Origin teams, as well as a host of other sporting and cultural greats.

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Provenance, and the importance of working at the farm level with natural fibre producers who share our vision to create a better tomorrow, means everything to M.J. Bale. Since 2015 we have been working with the carbon positive-accredited and conservationist Kingston farm in the northern Midlands of Tasmania on ‘single-source’ tailoring: impeccably crafted suits, tuxedos, blazers and ties created entirely from Kingston wool. We return a percentage of every Kingston sale to the farm to be reinvested into projects that enhance local biodiversity and the land’s natural values. We also work with the fifth-generation Bennett family of Ashby farm in Ross, Tasmania, who produce 100% of the extrafine Merino wool in our Ashby ‘single-source’ knits collection, as well as superfine woolgrowers in New England, New South Wales.

In Italy we weave our precious Australian wool into premium-quality cloth via centuries-old weavers that are the gold standard in textile industry sustainability. To ensure our Custom and Collection suits – M.J. Bale’s highest tier suiting – are hand-made with precision and dexterity, we partner with our long-time tailoring atelier in the Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

Smart, sophisticated and stylish, our new Palantino suit ticks all the right boxes. made from super 110's Australian Merino wool, the Palantino is perfect for all year-round wear thanks to the special properties of wool. Cut for a slim fit and designed with a natural shoulder and light half canvas construction.

    M.J. Bale exists to do right by men, so they can do right by the world. While acknowledging our classical tailoring ethos, we stand for progress in every form: progress in terms of natural fibre production, manufacturing, design and culture. At its best M.J. Bale is inclusive, confident, real and inventive. We thrive on change, and see the upside in all situations. We also strive to forge a positive footprint, championing transparency, purity and sustainability to make a better life for our customers and the world beyond. We carve a path for others to follow, where the right decisions are the only decisions.