Master of the House (Music)

Davide Martinelli, our Italian ties and accessories maker – and house music aficionado – gets totes aux.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE DJS RIGHT NOW is HAAi. She is Australian, actually. I discovered her the first time that she played in Milan. Every single record she played was different, which is something that is cool and unusual today, because every DJ playing in a club has a style that they stick to. HAAi can surprise you every single time.

THE FIRST DJ I LISTENED TO that made me fall in love with house music was Alex Neri. In 1998 or 1999 my friends started going to this club in Florence called Tenax. I heard Alex Neri playing in the group Planet Funk, and I thought, “I love this.” Alex and I have since become good friends. I am lucky because two of my friends are famous DJs – Sven Väth, a German, and Joris Voorn, who is from Amsterdam. They play very good music but different kinds of music. Alex Neri introduced us, actually. He invited me to a festival in Germany called Time Warp. I used to sleep in the same hotel as all the DJs and I would chat to them without, you know, pushing them. So we became friends and we have since travelled to Ibiza and Amsterdam together many times.

BERLIN IS THE BEST PLACE TO FIND HOUSE DJS. It’s not so much a romantic place, but the city is full of small clubs with the best young DJs, and the older DJs pass on a lot of knowledge to these young guys. The greatest clubs in Berlin to listen to electro right now are Berghain, Watergate and Club Der Visionaere.

THE BEST PARTY I HAVE BEEN TO LATELY was on a Sunday afternoon at the Boiler Room in Milan. Recently, we had a party with Dixon, the DJ from London. Dixon plays deep house with a melodic electronic sound that is beautiful.

I HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH M.J. BALE FOUNDER Matt Jensen since 1997. I am lucky to have been part of M.J. Bale since its launch. I think – no, I know – your quality is top, particularly your ties and pocket squares [laughs]. Matt doesn’t come to so many clubs with me anymore. He prefers to go hiking in the Alps nowadays.