Love Hub: M.J. Bale Romantics - Stuart & Joshua

Stuart and Joshua realised they were engaged after both putting down deposits for rings during an impromptu stop at a jeweller. “Did we just do that?” Here is their story.

Stuart, please tell us how you met Joshua, and was it love at first sight? 

We met for a drink at a wine bar and immediately hit it off. I am not sure if I believe in love at first sight but there was definitely an instant attraction. Josh was very easy to talk to and incredibly handsome, so I definitely wanted to get to know him further.

Joshua, is that an accurate remembrance, and do you concur?  

It was the most relaxed date I had ever been on. We hit it off instantly and it just felt so easy. I could tell straight away Stuart was a great guy and was keen to see him again. So, we booked in the next date as we said goodbye.

Joshua, what was it about Stuart that made you fall in love with him? 

Stuart has such a kind and generous way, and he is always positive. He’s always got a great movie or tv show lined up for those Friday night wines on the couch.

Stuart, how about you? What was it about Joshua that made you fall for him? 

Josh is a true romantic. I love dreaming with him about what our life together will be like. He often sends me his favourite songs that remind him of us. Often these are Taylor Swift songs.

Tell us about the proposal. Where was it, how did it happen, and was it a surprise? 

We had openly spoken about engagement for a while and one day Josh asked if we wanted to go to a jeweller together. We tried on some rings, put down a deposit and before we knew it, we were walking out in amazement asking, ‘Did we just do that? Are we engaged now?’ Later that day, we phoned our families to tell them the good news. Awkwardly, Josh also tested positive for Covid that evening. Even so, that didn’t dampen our spirits. Josh, however, wanted a proper proposal, so unbeknownst to me, he had gotten confetti and candles and set them up in the hallway while I was in the study working. He called me out and was waiting at the other end of the hallway on one knee for me.

Stuart and Joshua, on a scale of one to 10, one being totally tame and quiet, with 10 being WILD and unruly, how robust was your bucks parties? Any memorable stories? 

Stuart: Mine would have been about a 7, which was exactly what I was after. We began with a paint-and-sip session with the amazing drag queen Lazy Susan, then had dinner and drinks in Footscray and ended up at the nightclub called Pride of our Footscray.

Josh: Mine was probably a 6. I started with a high tea at Mt Lofty House, followed by drinks at a rooftop bar and a delicious dinner.

How about the wedding itself? Where was the venue, and did it play out exactly how you imagined? 

We got married at Golding Wines in the Adelaide Hills and it was perfect. The event coordinators at Golding Wines attended to our needs and our celebrant Victoria Edwards put as at ease. The weather held up as well which was a bonus.

In terms of the wedding day, any advice you can give to prospective grooms and brides? E.g., would you invite the third cousins again? 

The day is such a blur. We both made a concerted effort to stop every hour or so and take it all in.

Tell us about the M.J. Bale outfit you wore on the big day. How did you land on this style, and who or what did you use for guidance and advice? 

We both wore matching Saunders tuxedos with the shawl collar. We instantly fell in love with them. The staff at the Adelaide store in Rundle Mall were friendly, attentive and put us at ease. We got to see each other in our tuxes at the store and it was a very moving moment.

Lastly, how was the honeymoon? Where did you go? Any insider tips you can give us on how to make the most of it? 

We went to Elements of Byron in Byron Bay. The only thing we were really after was to relax by a pool and do absolutely nothing. Elements was perfect for this. Their swim up bar was great.