Love Hub: M.J. Bale Romantics - John & Rachel

John and Rachel’s relationship has been a grand romance for the ages. “If we ever met again for the first time I'd continue to fall for her again and again,” says John.
Here is their story.

John, tell us how you met Rachel, and was it love at first sight?

John: It was a very traditional way of meeting, an act of chivalry and courage… also known as sliding into her DMs. It was a carefully crafted message that took a lot of brain power and in a time before the assistance of ChatGPT. However, I think I was lucky to get a response from Rachel as she thought I looked pretty alright. I definitely thought Rachel was the one after our date and told my best mate the same thing straight after.

Rachel, is that an accurate remembrance, and do you concur?

Rachel: Haha, yes, this is exactly how it happened. John had slid into my DMs and his message was very sweet and genuine. I actually took a screenshot it and showed all my friends

Rachel, what was it about John that made you fall in love with him?

Rachel: The moment we met, I was hit by an overwhelming sense of security, safety, and comfort. John's towering 6ft 6 frame seemed to embody a gentle giant, but it was his aura that truly captivated me. There was something indefinable about him —a combination of warmth, strength, and serenity —that instantly put me at ease and made me feel completely secure in his presence. When I left our first date, I called my best friend and said with a blush of embarrassment, “I think I’ve met the one”.

John, how about you? What was it about Rachel that made you fall for her?

John: Rachel's warmth, kindness and compassion are the traits that I love about her. She radiates it with ease, naturally. There is nothing but genuineness, fun and laughter when we're together. She's a beautiful human and if we ever met again for the first time I'd continue to fall for her again and again.

Tell us about the proposal. Where was it, how did it happen, and was it a surprise?

The proposal took me completely by surprise. Despite our relationship being just over four months old, John decided to ask me to marry him during our first vacation together in the Maldives, a trip he had arranged as a birthday surprise two months earlier. On that unforgettable first night on the island, what I anticipated as a romantic dinner by the beach turned into an extraordinary event. Little did I know, John had arranged for photographers to discreetly capture the magical moment, leaving me in utter disbelief. It was the moment I had dreamed of my entire life, and the ring itself was simply stunning—beyond anything I could have imagined!

John and Rachel, on a scale of one to 10, one being totally tame and quiet, with 10 being WILD and unruly, how robust was your bucks and hens parties? Any memorable stories?

Haha, I would have to say 1! Unfortunately, we had just moved back to Australia (Gold Coast) and all of our friends lived in New Zealand and Sydney. We decided to have a big dinner the night before our wedding instead (pretty tame).

How about the wedding itself? Where was the venue, and did it play out exactly how you imagined?

Our wedding surpassed all our dreams and expectations! Despite the setback of the first Covid lockdown in New Zealand, which caused us to postpone our initial plans, we were thrilled to finally celebrate two years later. Upon relocating to the Gold Coast, we discovered the enchanting beauty of Noosa and knew instantly that it was the perfect setting for our destination wedding. Noosa felt like home – a place where we could share our special day with our loved ones in a breathtaking setting.

Our ceremony took place at Maison La Plage Grove, right on the picturesque Noosa beachfront, followed by a memorable reception at the Noosa Boathouse. For our photos, we chose the stunning backdrop of Noosa Crest, seeking images that captured the essence of our day in a unique way. Our photographer, Aleisha Edwards, perfectly captured our vision.

Thanks to our incredible vendors who went above and beyond, and the invaluable support of our on-the-day coordinator, every moment of our wedding day was filled with love, happiness, and joy. Not a single moment was overshadowed by stress; it was simply a day overflowing with pure bliss.

In terms of the wedding day, any advice you can give to prospective grooms and brides? E.g., would you invite the third cousins again?

Absolutely, focusing on enjoying yourselves and cherishing the moment is key! With an intimate wedding of 50 people, you're surrounded by those closest to you, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Remember, it's about celebrating your love and sharing that joy with your nearest and dearest. Having a detailed timetable for vendors is a smart move to ensure everything runs smoothly, and enlisting the help of professionals like Simple Style Co to handle decor and coordination can alleviate stress on the big day. Ultimately, what matters most is the love and happiness shared between you and your partner, and that's what your guests will remember most fondly. So, take a deep breath, soak it all in, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

John, tell us about the M.J. Bale outfit you wore on the big day. How did you land on this particular style, and who or what did you use for guidance and advice?

The mantra "Happy wife, happy life" certainly struck a chord with us. Rachel curated a lovely theme for our wedding, encouraging guests to dress in a harmonious blend of beige, white, and neutral tones – a concept that added a special touch to the occasion. When it came to selecting my attire, M.J. Bale stood out as the obvious choice. Known for your exceptional quality and complemented by your in-house tailoring services, your offerings appealed to me. Standing at 6 ft 6, finding off-the-rack garments that fit well can be a challenge, but M.J. Bale quickly alleviated any concerns by providing a bespoke suit tailored to my measurements with remarkable efficiency. The outstanding service I received from both of the stores I went to played a significant role in guiding my wardrobe decisions with confidence and ease.

Lastly, how was the honeymoon? Where did you go? Any insider tips you can give us on how to make the most of it?

Our honeymoon was absolutely fantastic! We decided to keep it relatively close to home, so we chose to spend a week in Bali, splitting our time between Uluwatu and Nusa Dua. Our accommodations at the Six Senses and The Apurva Kempinski Bali were nothing short of spectacular. We spent our days indulging in delicious food and unwinding at the resorts, soaking up every moment of relaxation. After the whirlwind of moving countries twice and navigating through the challenges of Covid, all we wanted was some quality downtime, and Bali delivered just that. One piece of advice we'd offer is to consider going on a staycation the day after your wedding, especially if your honeymoon is scheduled for a later date. You're still riding the high of the wedding festivities, and it can feel a bit anticlimactic to return home immediately after all the excitement.