Heat-Seeking Velvets

Light it up while lightening it up this summer in an Australian-first.

Director Wes Anderson has always loved the velvet jacket. So too Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Jay Z. Pulp frontman, Jarvis Cocker, is perennially partial to velvet, likening his style to a “slightly edgy geography teacher.” Oozing equal parts quirk and mojo, the velvet jacket is a versatile masterpiece.

Revolutionary Linen-Cotton Velvets

But if you thought you couldn’t wear velvet in spring or summer, think again. Our revolutionary new linen-cotton velvets, in the form of the Ziggy and Jude jackets, re-engineer the icon to be a summer-style staple. Woven in Italy from a linen-cotton blend into a plush ‘short pile ‘fabric, these jackets are tactile heaven & breathe effortlessly in the heat. Each garment is also washed after making, conveying a vintage look and feel. As part of our ‘decon’ (e.g.deconstructed) program, excess padding and structure have been stripped from the jacket. The result is an airy, weightless and tailored summer wingman.

How to Wear?

Sub them in for the tuxedo as a red carpet riff on black tie or wear it simply with jeans and a tee. 

With as much verve as provenance, our velvet jacket weavers have also been plying their craft for over two centuries. They are ‘SA 8000’ certified, guaranteeing corporate social responsibility and are Authentico certified, which means ensuring strict adherence to animal welfare and maximum transparency throughout the entire production process. Eccelente!