'Coat Of Charms’: All The Statement Outerwear We’re Excited To Layer With This Winter

Words | Randy Lai

For many centuries, astute men with a taste for the theatrical have understood the power of the statement coat. Cut more beautifully and with much more innate drama than your run-of-the-mill blazer (or heaven forbid, polar fleece) nearly every derivation of the sartorial overcoat lives up to its historic reputation as a garment worthy of serious investment.

Among the dwindling handful of menswear categories which, in all honesty, probably should be expensive - do we seriously think anybody needs $100 boxer briefs? - we’ve taken it upon ourselves to stimulate your interest in outerwear early. With seriously brisk weather forecast for the months ahead, here are a succession of all the ‘G.O.A.T coats’ (including several from our Winter ‘23 collection) that we’re eager to anchor an outfit with.

The Chaurand

Envisioned with all the aesthetic charms of the illustrious polo coat; yet the practical wearability of a peacoat, the ‘Chaurand’ is our ode to the eponymous Italian generalissimo of the same name - because as it turns out, in life (as in fiction) you can always expect spymasters to be among the world’s best dressed.

Cut in a rustic camel twill, this double-breasted coat has been designed expressly to be worn over tailoring. Ironically, that more voluminous billow-y fit also lends itself to casual application. Quite obviously, it goes without saying that this will flatter a range of work-appropriate navy and charcoal suiting; but for something a little less buttoned-up, try pairing it with one of our knit ‘Ashby’ polos and the loudest possible scarf you enjoy.

The Featherstone

A medium-length, single-breasted style that is perfect for polished man-about-town types, the ‘Featherstone’ is treated with the same liquid-proofing finish we’ve utilised in a number of new outerwear arrivals this season.

Perhaps a touch too dressy for your weekend excursions, there aren’t really any situations - if we’re talking in the ‘9 to 5’ context - where the Featherstone doesn’t outshine the competition. The extremely muted, off-purple plaid adds a touch of irreverence to the coat’s classic constructed elements; with the latter having all been considered with comfort in mind. A split hem and working cuffs make this a cinch to wear all-day-long. Consider sizing up and layering over suiting to get that real Gordon Levitt à la Inception look.

The Earl Carcoat

A coat that we’d certainly be proud to hoist on members of the Peerage, our ‘Earl’ cribs loosely from the blueprint of the classic car coat and then goes heavy on improving all of the trivial details - so you can wear this between town and country with carefree ease.

For starters, we’ve improved on the typical Balmacaan collar by favouring a construction that frames the face and stands upright when flipped; while the fronts are made with a placket that buttons ‘invisibly’.

Characterised by a clean and flowing silhouette, you would of course be well within your rights to wear this into the office. Personally? We’d much rather imagine it putting in the miles over the weekend: ideally, in a scenario filled with chic countryside taverns - and the driver’s seat of an F-Type Jaaag.

The Tanaro Peacoat