A Beautiful Day

To support the School for Life Foundation, M.J. Bale was proud to dress students of the Mbazzi Riverside High School in Uganda for their milestone fourth-year prom party.

This spring, 35 male students of the Mbazzi Riverside High School in Uganda proudly wore M.J. Bale to their school formal. The students were celebrating the milestone of finishing four years of secondary education and were attending their senior four prom party.


Mbazzi Riverside High School is one of three schools created by the School for Life Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to “educate poverty out of existence.”


The Foundation, which was started by Australian Annabelle Chauncy OAM, builds much-needed schools in regional communities of Uganda, transforming the lives of underprivileged children by providing a primary and secondary school education, as well as healthcare services. School for Life employs 120 staff across its three schools and has 1700 students enrolled. They provide three healthy meals each day to staff and students and provide clean drinking water to entire local communities, amongst other worthy projects.


Many of the students at School for Life come from disadvantaged backgrounds, where their personal safety and development is at risk, and face issues such as parental abandonment and food security. The school provides the students with the skills, resources and opportunities that may have never eventuated outside of school.


“Today is a beautiful day,” said Janepher Nansubuga, the head of program for the School For Life Foundation. “I am grateful to M.J. Bale for supporting our students with the suits that they are wearing today. The boys are looking smart and happy.”