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The Full Parisian

August 9, 2018

By M.J. Bale Staff

M.J. Bale Founder & CEO, Matt Jensen, on why we hit the City of Lights for Spring 18. “Think Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald – our eternal brand inspirations – in 2018 drinking martinis and on the rogue in Paris” – Matt Jensen

Welcome to M.J. Bale’s Spring 18 collection, or, to be more precise, ‘bienvenue’.

We’ve hit the City of Lights to capture what we call our ‘Fresh Revolution’. Paris is a city that I first visited while living in London during the nineties, and have returned at least twice a year to meet up with our weavers and makers.

For me, Paris has always been the perfect place to roam around and discover new ideas. Considering it’s such a big city, Paris still has that intimate, village-like feel, where every street you turn into has a passing parade of interesting characters. No one seems in a mad rush to get to the next place or thing, which is refreshing in such a busy world.

Paris has that beautiful late spring/early summer light, which is another reason we shot our Spring 18 campaign here. This collection represents a fresh revolution of sorts for M.J. Bale, in that we’ve introduced a lot more colour into our range. We’ve updated our sand-coloured Robertson suit with variations in pink and tan, and added a 3-piece version in rich navy. You can wear these suits in different ways, including with polos, tees and sneakers or espadrilles.

The traditional navy suit has been updated in blue-grey tones and we have a swathe of deconstructed jackets in swashbuckling tropical/floral prints. There’s also new Madras and denim shirts, faded pink & powder blue chinos and denim jeans in white and indigo. Think Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald – our eternal brand inspirations – in 2018 drinking martinis and on the rogue in Paris.

Of course, it’s hard to look past the Australian spring in terms of fun and frivolity. It’s not just the warmer weather, there’s also an action-packed sporting calendar. We’ve got the emotion of the footy finals coming up and the spring races to get dressed up for, followed by a summer of cricket and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Don’t forget your dad on Father’s Day, either. We’ve got him covered this year with our updated polos, classical ties, new kit bag and, of course, new socks.

So, whether you’re hitting the spring races or big-end-of-town events, we’d like to think this collection has everything you need to hit an elegant stride.

Here’s to a cracking spring and to your own fresh revolution, gentlemen, whatever that entails.


Matt Jensen