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Samurai Made in Japan Collection Suits

February 15, 2019

By M.J. Bale

Our Samurai Collection suits are hand-finished in Japan according to the highest sartorial standards.

"Never, never Neglect your life though it’s temporary: Your present life, fleeting, Is the only one that’s yours" — Ancient Zen saying

Collection Suits

Nestled amongst the lush, green foothills of Mount Murone, in Iwate, the northern most prefecture of Japan, is M.J. Bale’s Collection suit-making atelier. Here a passionate group of experienced Japanese tailors create our ready-to-wear Collection suits, as well as out completely individualised and hand-finished Custom suits (by appointment only). Many of the tailors here the workshop are second and third generation tailors and craftspeople, descendants of the Date clan of Samurai.

Over 50 hours of craftsmanship go into every suit. Handwork (i.e hand-sewn details with needle and thread) is most pronounced in the collar and arm holes. We could use a machine to finish these details, but choose to hand-sew to pass on greater fit and comfort to the wearer. When the collar and arm holes are machine sewn there is the exact same tension across the garment; when hand-sewn there is more subtle but pronounced movement, while the collar moulds perfectly to the shape of your neck

Each Collection suit is created with a full ‘floating’ canvas loosely stitched within the interlining of the jacket. The canvas is made from a patch of woven natural fibres, making the jacket a more ergonomic fit with the shape of your body over time.

These suits of integrity are made from Australian superfine merino wool woven by iconic Vitale Barberis Canonico. This includes wool grown at Kingston, our ethical & sustainable Tasmanian farm partner, and single source of wool for Kingston suits.

For those customers wanting more personalised suiting options, our Custom Made in Japan suits start from $1500 (tuxedos $2000), with a minimum 6-week lead time. Email custom@mjbale.com.

Mago ni mo ishō // Appearances count. Even a packhorse driver looks fine in proper dress — Japanese proverb

Samurai Suits