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Rebirth of The Cool

February 12, 2018

By M.J. Bale Staff

Rebirth of The Cool Autumn 2018

On July 5, 1981, trumpeter Miles Davis, jazz’s so-called ‘Prince of Darkness’, returned to the stage in New York after a 6-year hiatus. “Rebirth of the Cool” ran the headline in the Los Angeles Times the following day, calling Davis’ return in New York “the most anxiously awaited event in the world of jazz.”

The title of the article was a reference to both Davis’ 1981 comeback and his original album — Birth of the Cool — that captured his band sessions over the period 1949-1950. The sound Miles Davis and his 8-man ensemble ushered forth in Birth of the Cool was a more serene, unhurried and softer evolution of be-bop jazz. Whereby be-bop, as immortalised by trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and saxophonist Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker, was spontaneous and up-tempo. Davis’s ‘cool’ jazz was patient, smooth and elegant. Whereas be-bop broke all the rules of jazz, Birth of the Cool re-wrote them.

Similarly, M.J. Bale’s Autumn 2018 collection represents a renaissance of smooth, graceful tailoring. Labelled ‘Rebirth of the Cool’, this collection celebrates a variety of revivals: the rebirth of Australian men’s tailoring, rebirth of merino wool as a sartorial ‘total look’ (coats, suits, shirts, ties & knits) and rebirth of character — all necessary elements for the M.J. Bale man to thrive in 2018.

We headed to New Orleans, USA, to shoot this campaign, because few cities represent the art of reinvention while staying in one place like the ‘Big Easy.’

Everything must change in order to stay the same, to paraphrase the Italian novellist, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, and this collection is created for the man exploring the world and also evolving his own character; a man keeping abreast of the past while confidently moving forward towards his future.

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