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Pat Cummins Goes Back to Work in High Performance Tailoring

January 22, 2019

By M.J. Bale Staff

Vice-Captain of the the Australian Cricket side for the Test versus Sri Lanka at the Gabba in Brisbane, we stole a moment with Mate of the Bale and lion-hearted quick, Pat Cummins, to ask what goes through his head in the moment before he fires down those thunderbolts (as well as what makes a gentleman).

"Those big moments like the start of an Ashes series or first ball of a home summer, there’s nothing like it in the world. The crowd’s going crazy, everyone’s pumped up… I just walk back to my mark and try to take it all in and then just have a deep breath and really focus in on that batter and just trust you’ve done all the work.

It’s pretty zen. You’ve been training and playing your whole life. You know you’ve done the work in the nets and in preparation. That’s where you think about and work on your action and your tempo and rhythm. Then once you get to the game you shut that all out. You just concentrate on getting the ball in the area where you want to get it, working out how you’re going to get the batsman out.

You start playing as a kid because you absolutely love cricket, and you can’t lose sight of that. So, for me when I’m running in, I'm just trying not to think further than that one ball, that one moment.

What makes a gentleman? Well, I think a gentleman is someone who is really consistent in everything they do. They’re honest, they’re respectful, humble and just appreciate the good things when they're there and live in the moment.”

Pat Cummins wears Phifer Navy Suit Slim Fit woven from Australian merino wool with a natural stretch and crease-resistance.