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How To Look After Your Suit

September 7, 2015

By Giovanni di Lupo

Be sartorially astute and care for your suit.

A woollen suit, ideally made from Australian superfine Merino wool, is one of the most important and cost-effective wardrobe investments you’ll ever make. Here are five golden rules on how to care for it. 

1. Store suit in a breathable cupboard on a cedar wood hanger, if possible. Cedar is a natural moth repellent and absorbs excess wardrobe moisture.

2. Rotate your suits. Wear twice a week max, with a shower steam in between (see rule #5). If you've been wearing it in a bar or a smoky, smelly environment, let it hang outside in the fresh air (on a hanger on your washing line is fine) for a few hours to get rid of odours. 

3. Abstain from the stain. While it’s inevitable that you will spill food, grease or wine on your suit from time to time (a gent has to party), remove it as quickly as possible. Non-scented baby wipes help with spot cleaning. Give it a light dab to make it fab. 

4. Your dry cleaner is not always your friend. Excessive dry cleaning (anything more than 2-3 times a year) can take years out of a suit; the chemicals don't take kindly to natural woollen fibre. Taking your suit to the dry cleaners once a season is plenty. See below. 

5. Embrace the shower. If you’re travelling and don’t have an iron, just drape the jacket and trousers over a hanger near the bath or shower, turn on the hot water for half an hour and let the steam do its thing. Works every time.


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