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M.J. Bale Shirts Magnified

April 2, 2019

By M.J. Bale

M.J. Bale shirts magnified, giving you all the glory details

The irony inherent in quality menswear craftsmanship is that it is often the unseen details that make a garment great, particularly when it comes to shirts. M.J. Bale Founder, Matt Jensen, knows this is true. Living in London during the 90s and working in finance, Matt grew a healthy respect for classical English shirts and the traditional ways of making them. Launching M.J. Bale in 2009, he decided to create the ultimate Australian equivalent: cotton business and casual shirts made from the world’s finest poplins, twills, Oxford and Dobby cloths, delivering unsurpassed fit, function and comfort. But rather than just tell you, we magnified key details of our striped Laurel shirt to show you some of our unseen greatness.

Non-Fused Canvas Collar

M.J. Bale shirt collars feature canvas made from natural fibres interwoven between the cotton fabric. This helps the collar maintain its shape and integrity over time better than most other makers, who glue (‘fuse’) the fabric together.

Non-Fused Cuffs

M.J. Bale shirt cuffs are also non-fused for comfort, whether featuring a two-button barrel or French cuff.

Split Yoke

A split yoke (e.g. two pieces of fabric sewn together running elegantly across the shoulder) requires more fabric and craft time, but delivers better stretch across your back

Single-Needle Stitching

As opposed to the cheaper twin needle stitching, M.J. Bale makes it shirts using single needle stitching, delivering 18 stitches an inch and a more robust wear. Cross-stitched buttons help with durability.

Side Gusset

Side gussets reinforce the shirt, provide longevity, a longer tail, an easier ‘shirt tuck’ and help the shirt transition from front to back.

Matching Stripes

All M.J. Bale shirts featuring stripes have had the stripes matched up at the junction of the sleeve, shoulder and front/back. Very time consuming, but a worthy detail for those that know shirts.