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An Unsuitable Journey

March 21, 2016

By M.J. Bale Staff

20,000+ kilometres. 9 countries. 10 different modes of transport. All over 5 days. We know we can crush the man, but can we crush the suit?

On Tuesday the 5th of March, our long-time mate and M.J. Bale model Tom Bull met us at our flagship Martin Place store in Sydney. From there, outfitted in one of our finest wool suits (the Saunders in navy), he was told he was heading to the airport to fly to London to front our Winter 16 shoot.

What Tom didn't know is that we'd teamed up with Woolmark to plan a little global detour for him on his way to London, to conduct the ultimate road test and check the durability of our Australian Superfine Merino wool suits. 

We called this trip 'An Unsuitable Journey' and if you didn't get a chance to tune in to Tom's adventures on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, it's fair to say that we put him through hell and back: blistering heat, numbing cold, and a seemingly endless run of planes, trains, buses, boats, bicycles, police cars, Tuk Tuks and cabs.

We did it all because we wanted to see if, while we're crushing the man, our Australian Merino wool suit remained uncrushed.

The result? The suit, by every technical and anecdotal measurement, is as good as ever. Tom, on the other hand, is looking and feeling a little worse for wear, even if his puppy dog enthusiasm remains. We just hope he still loves us.

Check out some of the shots below of Tom's journey, city by city.