Spring Racing Raffishness

It’s time to get dressed up to the nines again and enjoy a spot of spring revelry. Whether that encompasses The Melbourne Cup, cocktail shindigs or robust day parties (chance for all three?), here’s our event edit to deploy the joy.

Style Tips

One of the most important factors to Derby Day’s strict dress code is its black and white theme. Opt for a suit with a subtle pattern, like a stripe or check to introduce some depth to your look. If you’re feeling bold, why not consider a three-piece suit? A white blazer in a cotton or linen will look fantastic paired over black pants.

For the shirt, opt for one with a cutaway collar. Given Derby Day falls on the last weekend of October, the weather could be warm. So, best to play it safe with a breathable shirt fabric, like cotton.

Compliment your look with a tonal, low-key tie. If you’re wearing charcoal or grey, go for a black tie. It’s modern and the black will contrast nicely with the greys and charcoals.

Pocket squares can also break up your look in a subtle but effective way. Don’t go bold or loud but keep it simple in the theme of blacks, whites, charcoals or greys.

Style Tips

While the dress code for the Melbourne Cup is a little less formal than its Derby Day counterpart, #CupDay is all about embracing the true notion of springtime colour; it’s the day to play with colour themes and explore a variety of tones, fabrics and patterns.

In the suit department, lighter tones, such as your pastel blues and olive greens, will work really well, as will beige, terracotta and rust colourways form a great foundation for earthy tones.

For the shirt, striped shirts are a good option, and we love to throw in a little colour, too. If you’re donning a navy suit, why not go for a sky-blue stripe shirt? Red and green stripes also work a treat, too.

A plain pocket chief will finish off any look especially if you are going for a bolder tie. Bolder pocketsquare can help punctuate more understated looks.

Style Tips

Although traditionally a day for the ladies, Oaks Day doesn’t eliminate the need for guys to dress to impress. Considered tonal looks will most certainly compliment the mix of pastel pink, yellow and blue worn by the ladies of the day.

For your suit, consider complementing your look rather than clashing with the abundance of colour to be found on the day. A single or double-breasted suit in colours like French navy, forest green, sky blue or even grey will look great. Don’t feel like going all-out with colour? Traditional navy is safe but is always timeless.

We’re partial to a salmon pink shirt here at M.J. Bale, and if there’s ever a time to wear one, it’s definitely Oaks Day.

The recurring theme when it comes to accessorising is to keep it simple; let you suit and shirt do the talking. The other parts are simply complimentary. We’d strip it back and go for a neutral tie; a woven navy tie will also look slick.