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Good Style Of Man: Luc Wiesman

February 3, 2015

By Giovanni di Lupo

D'Marge founder does some sartorial damage.

Four years ago then 30-year-old Luc Wiesman was working at Leo Burnett in Melbourne as a Head of Digital when he started a little blog site for men called D’Marge as little more than a lark.

The Melbourne-raised advertising suit, St Kilda’s answer to Roger Sterling, was looking to create something a little more personal than what he could find in the mass men’s magazines. He came up with the idea of D’Marge – Wiesman speak for ‘damage’.

“A mate of mine, an American, used to call me up on a Friday and say, “Hey man, let’s go out and do some ‘d’marge’ this weekend,” says Wiesman. “So, when I started the blog I didn’t really know what I was starting or what I was doing… I called it D’Marge and it just stuck.” Stick it did.

Two years later D’Marge had grown so popular Wiesman “made the leap” and quit his job at Leo Burnett and went full-time about 10 months ago.

Now the former blog – known for the term ‘magnificent bastard’ – has evolved into a fully-fledged online men’s lifestyle magazine for Aussie guys wanting an honest and curated hit of life and style advice.

The future is now looking pretty damaging for Wiesman. He moved to Sydney in 2015 and is midway through production on new ideas around shopping and "helping guys work out what goes with what." Speaking of what goes with what, Wiesman gets the job done here in a double-breasted flannel custom M.J. Bale suit as one of our Spring/Summer 2014-2015 ambassadors. For you to get the job done this summer, here are his summer essential picks for M.J. Bale.

1. White slim chinos
“There’s never a bad time to look like you just stepped off a yacht. A white pair of chinos or trousers are a summer staple. You can dress them up or dress them down.”

2. Denim shirt
“Get a long sleeve denim shirt and roll the sleeves up. This is best worn with chinos or chino shorts with a white t-shirt underneath. Wear it with a pair of white Converse Jack Purcell sneakers. They’re adaptable and can go with shorts, chinos and jeans. In fact, if kept clean can go with everything.”

3. Unstructured blazer

“Preferably a linen blazer in pastel colours, or light blue or pink. It’s unstructured, its casual, and would look great dressed up with tie and shirt or crew neck or scooped neck tee and jeans.”

4. Sunglasses
“Invest in a good pair of tortoise shell sunglasses. The brands I go for are Barton Perrera, Moscot and illesteva.”

5. Drink
“I’m on the Peronis this summer – Peroni reds, to be precise. It’s the beer the students drink in Italy. Top drop.”