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Feed the Flock: Help Save Australia’s Merino Sheep

August 23, 2018

By M.J. Bale Staff

Buy a bale of hay to help our woolgrowers and their flock survive the drought.

Dear Friends of M.J. Bale,

As you all are aware, the drought has reached a critical stage across Australia. NSW is now considered to be 100% in drought, as well as much of Queensland. Water resources are critically low, crops are failing and paddocks are bare of feed. The effect on families and their livestock is crippling.

M.J. Bale is working with Rural Aid to provide feed for woolgrowers hit hardest by the drought, and we have donated $20,000 worth of hay so far. We’re now asking for your support. You can provide a day’s feed of hay for 10 merino sheep by donating a $20 bale, or provide a day’s feed for 50 sheep by donating a $100 bale.

Customers can donate at the point of sale in every M.J. Bale store, simply ask one of our staff how.

Rural Aid are looking for on-ground volunteers to support farmers and their families. If you think you can help, please go to www.farmarmy.com.au to find out how.

For any rural families currently experiencing hardship or requiring support, please call Rural Aid on 1300 327 624.

Feed The Flock