How to Style a Flannel Suit

The flannel suit is an essential winter staple for any man. It's robust, masculine, and effortlessly stylish. Just like the diligent American middle class that popularised it, the flannel suit is remarkably dependable. The fabric has been around for over 400 years, originally created by the Welsh for undergarments. Today, it's favoured for lightweight winter suits due to its unique properties: a raised, napped surface that protects the weave, traps warm air, and wicks moisture from the skin.

The Aesthetic Appeal


Much like a linen suit in summer, the flannel suit in winter is a wardrobe essential. It's a versatile piece, suitable for both formal and casual settings.

For example, pair a flannel suit with a point collar shirt and a medallion print tie for a classic East Coast upper-middle-class look circa 1960. The point collar adds a touch of Ivy League exuberance, while the tie exudes quiet confidence. The flannel suit serves as a neutral backdrop, allowing the shirt and tie to stand out.

Alternatively, pair the suit with a micro-check shirt and a complex stripe tie. The flannel's texture complements the shirt's visual density and tones down the tie. The fabric's gentle nap helps harmonise the ensemble.

Casual Versatility


As wardrobes become increasingly casual, the flannel suit easily adapts. Throw it over a casual knit for a look that combines dignified insouciance with effortless style. This combination is attractive precisely because of its relaxed nature—it transforms bourgeois respectability into a casual elegance.

Timeless Advice


To get the most out of a flannel suit, remember not to overthink it. Flannel has endured for centuries due to its dependability and timeless appeal, and if history has taught us anything it’ll likely endure for a few more centuries to come.