A Gentleman’s Guide to Winter Suits

If you find yourself wearing suits regularly or perhaps want to consolidate your suiting repertoire for any important events on the horizon, there are a few different options to consider before making the purchase. We’ve put together a simple guide to tackling winter suiting this season. Here’s what you need to know.

What To Look For

Often, it’s assumed that one suit is appropriate for all occasions and all seasons. A suit you purchase made from a lightweight summer fabric isn’t going to fair well come the winter - just as a beige or tan wedding suit won’t be appropriate for that all-important business meeting.

Depending on your location and how cold it gets, you should have at least one suit reserved for the cooler months. Merino wool is the preferred fibre. Be sure to stick to half- or fully lined suit jackets, which will help with wrinkles and creases and retain warmth for those chilly winter days.

Stay away from linen, cotton and polyester if warmth is a priority, gents.

Winter Colours

While it’s nice to have an all-season suit colour in your arsenal, like navy, why not dress with winter colours in mind this season? Dark tones, such as grey and charcoal, will always work, but a denim hue will pair effortlessly with other wardrobe essentials.

Smart-Casual Suits

Bridging the gap between somewhere ‘casual’ and somewhere ‘formal’, our casually tailored collection of suits and blazers is just what you need when looking great is paramount, but comfortability is also a key factor.

This is a great opportunity to explore mixed tailoring. Why not pair a tailored blazer with a casual shirt or knit and finish with tapered chinos or denim jeans.

Appropriate for trips to the footy in the member’s lounge, a casual Friday work lunch or a family shindig on the weekend.

Business Suiting

Business suiting is appropriated for any man wanting to put his best foot forward, be it at work, for an upcoming interview, that all-important business meeting, a pitch to investors… you get the picture.

While you can never really go wrong with navy, why not explore some of our other colour palettes, such as indigo or charcoal. Mixing in some pattern is also a good way to break things up.

Events Suiting

As the name suggests, it’s important to have a suit reserved for a special occasion, like your wedding, a black-tie affair or a cocktail function.

You can never go astray with a black or navy tuxedo when a black-tie dress code is announced. Classic, timeless and one piece that really hasn’t changed a whole lot since its inception in the Edwardian era.

For those feeling a little daring in the style department, why not consider a velvet smoking jacket? Worn by style icons of yesteryear, the classic smoking jacket is a great way to introduce a little colour for formal occasions.