No Hot Shot: Coolest Suit On The Planet

How our Cool Wool suits (and English weatherman, Alex Beresford) survived the hottest temperatures on the planet


We’ve always known our Cool Wool suits, made from breathable, moisture absorbent and thermo-regulating Australian Merino wool, would stand up to the hottest temperatures on earth. But what about an English weatherman? We sent human guinea pig, Alex Beresford, on a heat-seeking mission to the warmest places on the planet to put M.J. Bale’s Cool Wool suits through their paces. Call it a torture test or a cheap shot from us — clothiers of the Australian test cricket side — to Alex in anticipation of the upcoming Ashes series, but we reckon Alex found the answer. As the world loses its cool, how will you keep yours?

M.J. Bale have constructed many of our wool summer suits from ‘Cool Wool’, because no other fabric comes close to it in terms of performance and functionality. With that in mind, here are our top reasons, as verified by The Woolmark Company, as to why ‘Cool Wool’ suits are cool.

Breathability: Wool fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour
and then transfer it through evaporation into the air, keeping the skin fresher and drier for a longer time.

Temperature Regulation: Wool provides a personal ‘air-conditioning’ system to
maintain temperature regulation through its natural crimp, which creates a lot of very small insulating air pockets.

Softness and Fineness: Today, Merino wool achieves incredibly high standards of fineness
and softness, making it one of the most comfortable and high-performance fibres, including next-to-skin garments.

Odour Resistance: Wool’s breathability helps to reduce sweat and odour, keeping the wearer’s skin drier
and fresher; and the fibre’s complex chemical structure also helps to control any unpleasant odour molecules
by locking them away and only releasing them upon washing.

Dubai High: Enter The Sandman




Dubai High: Enter The Sandman


Despite the endless scorching deserts and a non-compliant camel, it didn’t take our meteorologist long to find the extreme 42℃ heat in our Leo suit. The themo-regulating nature of Australian Merino wool, in which the fibres trap air between the micron layers making this Leo suit cool in summer but warm in winter, helped Alex keep his cool (at least, as cool as possible, given the circumstances).

Alex Wearing: Leo Sky Jacket; Leo Sky Trousers; Adkins Blue Shirt, Dublin Black Loafer



Rad in Rajasthan: Get That India


Alex lived out his Darjeeling fantasies chasing the sun across India, from the 'blue city’ of Jaipur to the blinding white salt lakes (on a motorbike, nonetheless). In spite of the humidity and 39℃ temps Alex raised a minimal sweat wearing his Cornaro M.J. Bale suit, thanks to the moisture absorbent nature of breathable Merino wool, which draws out up to 30% of the body’s perspiration and releases it into the atmosphere.

Alex Wearing: Cornaro Brown Jacket; Cornaro Brown Trousers; Tarrance Blue Shirt, Cardiff Brown Shoes


Rad in Rajasthan: Get That India

Morocco & Roll: Sahara Swag




Morocco & Roll: Sahara Swag


Another day, another record 44℃ heat temperature. Alex sniffed out the sun across Morocco, from the sands to the souk and Sahara. Wearing the M.J. Bale Iain suit Alex astutely avoided splitting his trousers playing soccer with local kids, due to the natural elasticity and ever-so-slight stretch of woollen suiting fabric (in truth, he steered well clear of the overhead scissors kick — that one is a suit killer).

Alex Wearing: Iain Blue Jacket; Iain Blue Trousers; Thamer Blue Shirt, London Black Shoes



California Steaming: Alive in Death Valley


Squaring up to the heavyweight heat champion of the world — Death Valley — our champ, as well as the Ferraro suit, came up trumps. We’re not going to lie, this last location was a tough one. Production had to be halted for a while because of the record temps. The desert floor might have cracked but Alex never did. He smelt ok, too, driving around in a vintage Ford convertible because of wool’s odour resistant properties.

Alex Wearing: Ferraro Slate Jacket; Ferraro Slate Trousers; Americain White Shirt, Cardiff Brown Shoes


California Steaming

Cool Wool